Boudoir Photography by dorothee elfring

Boudoir Photography by dorothee elfring

Welcome at Art Boudoir

Private memories are precious; they are as the German writer Jean Paul Richter said, the only Paradise

we can not be banished from.


A Boudoir Shooting is all about you, about your feminine charm and role as a woman. During the shooting you will forget for a moment your everyday life, your job / education, maybe kids and a household and focus on nothing but yourself.

I am a mom myself, went through two pregnancies, care for a family and household and have a career. I know how exhausting it is to meet all the challenges presented by everyday life, wanting to do everything the right way ... I know these moments, in which you feel rushed / overwhelmed, when you ask yourself: What about ME??

You deserve a break. You deserve to do something just for you. 

..... My pictures can do just that.




Please don't be inhibited by any problem area. We will concentrate on what you like about yourself. It could be your bust line, your lips, your crooked smile, your many freckles or one freckle in particular ... We will find out what is extra appealing about you (you might not even know yet!) and I will help you to put these attributes in the right scene, light and perspective.

In none of my pictures on my website will you find a professional model. These women are friends, friends of friends, colleagues, fellow Kindergarten mothers, women I met at the bakery, when visiting the pediatrician, doing sports ... whom I approached because I saw something in them that is special and inspiring.

Professional models are „obviously“ attractive. Of course this helps to take great pictures. But what is interesting to me is more the beauty "at the second glance", in which personality, life experience, seniority or adolescence, a way of life, attitude and habits are reflecting.

I want to invite and encourage you to create pictures with my help through which you discover your own personal beauty.




Like any little girl I used to love to dig through grandma's old clothes in her attic, put on her dresses and admire myself in the mirror, feeling like a princess ... and dreaming ...

When looking through those glossy magazines do you ever ask yourself how you would look if you were styled in the same professional manner and then photographed?

You would look amazing.

In a Boudoir Shooting you will feel like the princess of your childhood or like a super model. I have a small pool of dessous, accessories, props, hats and dresses that you can try on. We can also arrange for a professional stylist to take care of your make-up and hair. Whether glamorous like a Hollywood Diva, aesthetic like a burlesque dancer, edgy couture, romantic or simply natural, it's up to you.

I will guide you how to pose so that the look is authentic. You can rely on me.




I find it in the faces, gestures, movements, the voice, the demeanor, the speech of women I photograph. From there arises ideas, that I share and agree upon with my subjects. Finally these ideas transform into pictures that tell wonderful stories about incredible women.

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